Ripper List

The below are known Rippers / Scammers / Deers, DO NOT send money to them or you will lose it.
They may offer you *CHEAP* sample/test dumps that do not work, then blame your country or some other reason.
Also listed here are Deers, these are BAD buyers, blackmailers, timewasters etc. Sellers should not deal with these users and ignore them.


His ICQ: 683346216
And uses the name: ABN DUMPS

NAME: Jim Service
ICQ: 605730237
INFO: stole $500 from my buyer.
screenshots: here here

EMAIL: [email protected]
INFO: ripped my client off $200 and i put him on ripper list. now he go make scam page about me telling lies haha. find convo below. STAY AWAY FROM THIS LOWLIFE RIPPER PIG! HE SUCKS HIS MOTHERS CUNT. screenshot here here here
1Dumps (09 August 2015, 6:02)

1Dumps (09 August 2015, 10:31)
User added you to contact list

1Dumps (09 August 2015, 10:33)

admin support (09 August 2015, 10:33)

1Dumps (09 August 2015, 10:34)
in your site:

you wrote:

Name: maksimlast pozedajey / 1classdumps
icq: 301711033
email: [email protected]
info: ripped my client off $200. stay away from this thief

But its not true, so please delete this.

1Dumps (09 August 2015, 10:36)
If you will not delete this, I will write the same about you all over the net.

admin support (09 August 2015, 10:37)

1Dumps (09 August 2015, 11:53)
checkout of my new blog:

———–end of convo—–

ICQ: 676461355
YAHOO: davinesupplier_688
WU/MG NAME: phoung tran van
info: fake login seller. stay away from this pig

EMAIL: [email protected]
info: just another fake abn. stay away

ICQ: 660941907
NAME: Van Persie
INFO: ripped my client off $200. RIPPER!

INFO: fraud & fake website. scam only

Name: Badger Direct
icq: 597287838
info: this thief begged to cashout for me many times, he stole my money and gave me a million excuses about being a cancer patient and some bullshit about getting arrested. find convo here: Stay away from this disgraceful beggar and thief.

Name: Hima layan
ICQ: 639586760
INFO: stole 300usd from my contact and blocked him. RIPPER!

Name: Dark Screen
Email: [email protected]
info: made away with my clients money (300 pounds). look out for this thief and liar

Name: maksimlast pozedajey / 1classdumps
icq: 301711033
email: [email protected]
info: ripped my client off $200. stay away from this thief

Name: LincolnX || Fast_life_101 #00 gang
icq: 662816502
info: dont waste your time on this clown. he is a lost vietnam ripper. stay away from him

Name: Anonymous
info: word is that he’s a ripper. stay away

Name: RayFarrugia
ICQ: 561064413
info: goes around telling people he’s a cashier. he disappears or tells you the dumps dont work and sells them to someone else. stay away from this ripper
Also took $780 from one of my clients and disappeared. beware this guy is a scammer.

Name: Amhere carders
info: ripped my client $100 petty money smh. another stupid kid

info: all verified members rippers, stay away

name: new site
info: big time store rippers, dont buy from them

name: Danny
ICQ: 9811112
info: claims to be a plastic seller, dont buy from him. he disappeared with my buyers money.

name: Matthew Williams
icq: 613914606
info: claims to be a cashier, dont listen to anything he says, he’s a ripper. i sent him 25dumps myself to be cashed out and he blocked me afterwards

Name: Rany Studio
ICQ: 681494206
email: [email protected]
info: goes around ripping legit sellers. he calls you a ripper when
you dont give him free dumps. He’s just another dumb kid

Name: kobe bryan
ICQ: 666253491
info: claims to be a cashier. Dont talk to him, he’s a Ripper!
He asked me for free dumps, and calls me ripper when i refuse. He’s just a stupid kid

Name: ukid
E-Mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 624844437 / 624-844-437
Info: Ripper – Claims to sell fake id’s but just takes pm and then blocks you. Stay clear of this fool.

Name: ccpinbuy / J Miller
E-Mail/IM: [email protected] / [email protected]
LR: U8221007 (c10)
Info: Sad little ripper admin with shit forum.
Address: 23 Meadow Road, New Milford, East Sussex, IG11 9QT, UK

sait :
E-Mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 562688866
E-Mail: [email protected]
Info: LR u2607087 (best deal)

Name: Nag Therriy
ICQ: 602001955
Info: Cameroon ripper, DOES not have dumpz or logz.

Info: Selling reg to shop, but is fake, you pay and never get account.

ICQ: 649034353
E-Mail: [email protected]
Info: Spammed ripper forums with badly worded pitch, you have to fund your account before creation without seeing base. Known rippers. Hosted with 1&1 free!

Info: Chinese Ripper site.

Name: 50cent_seller
ICQ: 560859442

Name: Jay Carderz
ICQ: 64272245

Name: Amex Man
ICQ: 446990083
LR Info: u8573143 (lene)
Info: Verified Seller in ripper forum

Name/WU Info: Hoang Vu Le, Vietnam
E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]

Name/WU Info: Thuc Tran, Vietnam
E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]

Name: mr % / haisan kaster
ICQ: 630734127
E-Mail: [email protected]
Info: Another nigger ripper casher, avoid.

Name: Lorenzo Frascati
ICQ: 628837692
Info: Begger for free dumps, then turned out to be arsehole and sad ripper. Avoid.

Name: Richardson
ICQ: 603205899
Info: Chicago, USA. Fucking waste of time nigger with no manners. DO NOT deal with this arse.

E-Mail/MSN: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]
Info: All same guy, says he sells everything but sends fake/dead info. Avoid.

ICQ: 647184804
E-Mail: [email protected]
Info: Claims to be ripper hunter, but is ripper himself…. Avoid this sad kid.

Name: Tristan Treasure
E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
Tel: +44 07976553029
WU Info.: Tristan Treasure, Liverpool, UK
Info: Says he does logins, fullz, cc, etc.

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]

Name: Pastor Ben / ICQ: 614622260

Name: GoodDumps / E-Mail: [email protected] / ICQ: 421914348

Name: CVVMasters / ICQ: 554914762 / E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]

Name: MrBulkDumps / E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected] / ICQ: 645742329

Name/MSN: [email protected] / ICQ: 615109720

Name/Y!M/E-Mail: [email protected]

Name/Y!M/E-Mail: [email protected] / ICQ: 617296133

Name/Y!M/E-Mail: [email protected] / Also [email protected] uses other numbers.

Name/Y!M/E-Mail: [email protected] / ICQ: 486147388

Name/Y!M/E-Mail: [email protected]

Name: Joffy Joe
E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
Info: Total fucking wanka n00b, all avoid sellers & buyers, but rippers feel free to fuck his n00b ass raw.

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected] / [email protected]
LR: U9591132
WU: Shaneka Evans, 1 Lignum Vitae drive, Mona, Kingston, Jamaica
Info: Claims to sell Bank Logins, HE DOES NOT, said little ripper.
Update: Contacted me to complain and issue threats, when I presented evidence from my worker how he ripped him, he went offline and blocked me.

Name/Y!M: [email protected] / Azana Cornwall
ICQ: 626948274
WU Drop: first name: Nicholas , last name: brown , city:Â Marietta , state:Â Georgia , country:Â USA
Info: Nigger who thinks the pope does not allow TeamViewer. He DOES NOT have anything real, another ripper.

Name: b4db0y / eagle wings
ICQ: 619948330
E-Mail / Y!M: [email protected]
Info: Nigger ripper, accepts UKash, DOES NOT have WU or Bank Logins or Transfer.

ICQ: 155098
E-Mail: [email protected]
Info: Vietnam Ripper – Claims big casher, is kid living in shit-hole country.

Name: Jim Peterson
ICQ: 633082929
E-Mail: [email protected]
Info: Deer – Casher but can’t work simple dump – Avoid

ICQ: 419833233 – Dumps-CVVS-Logins
WU Info: Levent Septar, Romania
Info: Min $500 order then you blocked in ICQ and ignored.

ICQ: 393777922
WU Info: First Name: RAHMED, Last Name: ADJEI, Ciy: KUMASI, Country: GHANA
Phone: 00233542722712
Info: NOBODY in Ghana, Vietnam, Nigeria, China or other nigger place has anything, ALL RIPPERS!

E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
Info: Claims to sell Bank Logins and lots of other stuff in ABH but is ripper.

E-Mail/MSN: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] / iAlert
Website: &
Info: Thought was genuine forum but run by a fucking wanka kiddie in Japan who does not even know how to write or test dumps correctly. Stay away from any forum he is involved with, sorry to people who were invited by us.
If you see iAlert or Kato or Jason Kato then avoid with long pole.

E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]
Name: Oliver Smith / Tel: +1 (407) 271 2912
Address: Frag Crunch, 2526 Lake Debra Dr, Suite/Room: 20102, Orlando, Florida, 32835, USA.
LR Info: U7688112 (OllieSmith)
Info: Sad little ripper, says big casher, but can’t even generate T1. – Everyone please add his e-mails to spam/porn lists.

Name: ThundHack7
ICQ: 488736756
Info: Moron from Greece, claims to be big dump user….. stupid fool, gets €1.5k cashout and moans 1 of the dumps did not work and wanted refund….. after paying $300 LR. Fucking Wanka.

Site: &
Info: Richard or Joseph same old rippers, different webfront. Avoid this loon, he will send you cvv & dumps, but all from old DB’s he was sold 1 year ago, he changes expire date….

Info: Rippers – Their skimmer kit is fake, you receive an empty box with few stones in it. Dumps are all dead from old DB.

Info: Reports updated that this is partial ripper and partial just shit sellers, lot nigerians & vietnam in there along with LEO’s. Avoid.

Info: Run by Rippers, Admin Ripper, Verifed Vendors Rippers – Avoid site.
E-Mail: [email protected]
WU Info: Name: Mike davis, City: wichita, State: kansas, Country: usa

Name: Carder Escrow Service
E-Mail: [email protected]
Info: Claims to be trusted Escrow service, domain setup 2 months ago, shit layout, using gmail (unsecure!) and offer no history. They list me as trusted seller, I have never dealt with them and never will, as I will lose stuff and you will lose your money, they BAD RIPPERS. AVOID.

Name: SuperEzeki
E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
Site: (Latin Ripper Forum)

Name/E-Mail: Heaven Shop / [email protected]
Info: Vietnam ripper and spammer, avoid this ripper.

Name: CyB3r.K!nG
E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
ICQ: 640957990
Info: Claims to sell Fullz, but has a 2year old dead database.

E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
Info: Sad nigger timewaster, sellers ignore this fool, posted his info in several UG forums, do not deal with him.

Name: Best Carder
Y!M/E-Mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 629930902
Info: Tried 5 times, sold dead cvv every time as “fresh” not worked on GC/AP/SNY etc. RIPPER for selling dead stuff then complaining we “used it wrong”. Avoid this RIPPER.

Name(s): Erinlomo Lagata / Chungobein Nakayula / Erin Chungo Bein Nakayula
E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
ICQ: 628317550 / 623295659
Mobile: Japan 09865341293
Info: Claims to be Japan casher, but some sad Nigger from Nigeria.

Name: Copycat Ripper – Dr Green / Dr Greene
E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]
ICQ: 600667457
Site: (check spelling!)
Info: Ripper trying to piggy back on my good name.

E-Mail: [email protected]
Name/WU Info: Jason carpenter, Philadelphia, USA

E-Mail: [email protected]

E-Mail: [email protected]

E-Mail: [email protected]
Info: Sad Ripper forum, avoid.

Name: willmike51
ICQ: 559540052
Info: Scammer – Claims to be big buyer, wants 5x free, tried to come with lots diff ID’s but all same IP (lol). Sellers DO NOT touch this guy.

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
Info: Tried to spam me and my blog with badly worded sales pitch

Name: Joe Reed
E-Mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 633478429
Info: WU Drop: Joe Reed / Wichita, KS, USA
Info: Trying to sell Dump+PIN+Plastic

Name: Atlanta York / Norburt
E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
ICQ: 560859442
Info: Nigerian ripper posts a UK 07031 number, costs £1.25 min to call and is international divert. Says he has D+P for $30….. lol

Name: profy / BankerCard
E-Mail: [email protected]
Site: / / / profy.(anything)
Info: Ripper, took stuff for free, sold it and put fake shit up on webshop to make me look bad, anyone purchased from him/the site – Sorry was let down by a wanka.

Name: sk
ICQ: 640063126
Info: Deer/Time Waster, says he is big $1000 day buyer with large team, then wanted free test. All sellers/buyers avoid this loon.

Name: Lorenzo Frascati / Petrovic Ivanov – DoB: 30th/March/1984
ICQ: 628837692
Info: Deer/Time Waster, wasted loads time talking, gave a WU drop, never responded, now hiding in ICQ.

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected] / Dark John
Info: Claims to sell mailing lists for spammers etc.
LR Info: U3295349 (coolguy61920) – DO NOT send money to this saddo.

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected] / [email protected]
Info: Small time sad little ripper, $20 and send you dead stuff….. quite sad really.

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]

Name: John Conner
E-Mail: [email protected]
WU Info: Alexander Filipenko, Vancouver, Canada.

Name: sgt.martinssam

ICQ: 553094204
E-Mail: [email protected]
LR No.: U5305590 (DUMPS SELLER)
Note: Says he is Verified Seller of B.L at D9, but he got banned for ripping.
Note: He is also alias of Dr Greene.

The following forums are run by Rippers who list themselves or their friends as “Trusted Sellers” but they are all Rippers. See our n00bs guide for more info on the forum scam and how to spot and avoid it.

Forum Name: Carders Place
Forum Site: /
Ripper Y!M/E-Mail: [email protected]
Forum Ripper: Admin, The whole site is run by the Ripper, no other sellers allowed, if you say Ripper you banned and posts removed, so all the posts look like the site is great
Avoid this sad Ripper who tries to sell WUBug as real… lol…
LR Account: U6427146 (millionare)

Forum Name: CCParadise
Forum Site: &
Forum Ripper: Admin & LiveDumps – Are the same person, the forum links to “Approved Site” but you have to pay to join then pay for items, but nothing ever arrives. If you post in forum, you are banned and your posts removed. All positive posts are fakes.

Forum Name: CCDumps
Forum Site:
Forum Ripper: Admin, Raymond, Viouss – Are the same person, they are listed as “Verified Sellers” but Ripper, if you post Ripper you banned and posts removed.

Forum Name: MyMarket (MM)
Forum Site:
Forum Ripper: Admin & Whole Site – You have to pay money to Admin to “Activate” your account, then all Verifed Sellers in forum are Rippers, they are not the old MyMarket site that was closed down 3 years ago, just Rippers.

Forum Name: CardersEmpire (CE)
Forum Site:
Forum Ripper: All Verified Sellers are known Rippers, not sure if Admin is Ripper, but he is not doing anything to stop the Rippers either, he is banning people/removing posts if asked/paid by the sellers/rippers. – Beware I have had bad and a few positive comments, but not verified if these are genuine.

Forum Name: SilverSpam
Forum Site:
Forum Ripper: Free Section Sellers (Admin is not Ripper, but he is not seller), Forum is old and nearly dead no recent positive posts. Beware when contacting sellers.

Forum Name: DarkCC
Forum Site: and now
Forum Ripper: All Sellers in Free to Advertise section (Admin is not ripper)
Notes: The site has “Verified Sellers”, I have purchased from each as a test and they did deliver, not good quality. The sellers were really arrogant (not nice people!), no small talk, no help, no advice etc. So if you are pro and know exactly what you want and have $2000 min then you can try there.

Forum Name: VerifiedVendors
Forum Site:
Forum Ripper: Admin, Farscape2020 & All Verified Sellers – Your posts are removed and you are banned if you complain about being ripped. If any sellers point you here to prove they are genuine, walk away. I keep getting spammed by them to be a Verified Seller, they don’t want proof or stuff to test, they want $5000 and they give me positive feedback from 50 users….

Forum Name: MyShopAdmin, MyShopAdmins, ShopAdmin, ShopAdmins various TLD (.com/.info/.eu/.us) all point to the same website
Forum Site: and several others
Forum Ripper: This is slightly different to forum, sellers buy a StoreFront ( which displays goods for sale, but drops SpyWare onto PC and steals your CC/LR/WMZ details when you buy anything. Avoid any of these sites/storefronts.

Name: Camora-Big / Big Brown / Abdeyaz
E-Mail/Y!M/Jabber: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]
ICQ: 576273027
Other: Website/Forum:
Info: This group is very bad, $3k min, no proof, forum is empty, banned from underground forums, they setup their own. THIS GROUP RIP BAD, avoid.

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
Info: Ripper/Deer – Took 2 dumpz from me cashout for $5000, and returned nothing, kept for himself and is not responding….. This is the reason I do not give free dumpz out!!

ICQ: 641502984
Info: Ghana Ripper, “I Gud Sela” spammed comments on blog….

Name: Xy2k / John.Tyler / Citi
E-Mail: [email protected]
WU Info: First Name: VU THI, Last Name: HIEN, City: NAM DINH, Country: VIETNAM

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected] (QUANG PHU TUONG)
Info: Vietnam Ripper, bad english too.

Name: UltimateDumpSeller (Michael Manly)
ICQ: 596920211
Info: Spamming ICQ selling Dump+Pin for $30…. lol… No proof, all money upfront.

Name/Y!M/E-Mail: [email protected]
Info: Claims to be verifed seller on Vietnam ripper site: – Stay away from him, claims to be from Holland but using Vietnam IP… lol

Name: CVVShop / PinBuy / CardUnion
ICQ: 611028313
Info: All these sites are same admin, known Ripper, wants you to pay $100 to join each site, before you get inside / if you get inside, then min spend $500 so you get ripped $600 each site!
Other/Websites: / /

Info: WebShop – fake shit, bad quality, stolen from other webshops.

Name/Y!M/E-Mail: [email protected]
Info: Vietnam ripper, selling WUBug, Bank Transfer, anything where you think you get free money, and you get nothing.

Name: / dumpscvvsell
LR Account: U9236158

Name: Pit Braidy
E-Mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 648550874
Info: Will sell you US Classics, then want min $1000 from you and rip you. ID/Plastics all fake, Rip for $3000.

Name: Various Dumps
Notes: No ICQ/E-Mail – Avoid known ripper

Name: BadgerDirect / Badger / MobileDumps / TheImpressiveWizard
ICQ: 583962861
E-Mail: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]
Other: Website: – This is all the same sad guy…
WU/MG Drop: Marcus Anderson, Tampa, Florida, USA

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
MG Drop: Robert Todd, Homestead, Pennsylvania, 15120, USA

ICQ: 581257865 / 569789038 / 583962861 / 370823570 / 466067869 / 576273027 / 647751424

Name: Dr-Green/Dr-Greene-Dumps / Dß GßEENE
ICQ: 581834890
E-Mail: [email protected]
WU Drop: Joyce Morse-Hooper, Toronto, Canada
Other: Any Ripper from Canada is this guy! Has 11 different ICQ & ID’s

Name: Raymond
ICQ: 370823570
E-Mail: [email protected]
WU Drop: Yuanhong Jin, Shanghai, China

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
ICQ: 628436990

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected] / [email protected]
ICQ: 582374316

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected]
WU/MG Drop: Azana Cornwall, St Catherine, Portmore, Jamaica

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Other: Pretends to be user of fake underground forum, sends e-mails from Admin asking you to pay to join forum…. All same guy in New Zealand
WU/MG Drop: Clinton Maikara Mollett, Whakatane, 3120, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Name: BuyerStore
ICQ: 554143381
E-Mail: [email protected]

Name/E-Mail: [email protected]
Other: Bum buddy of Badger, they both touch little boys!

Name: Viouss
ICQ: 466067869
Other: LR No.: U8573173

Name: SunnyDumps
E-Mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 609056806

Other: This guy, SunnyDumps & Badger are all same Ripper from Miami, FL.
WU/MG Drop: Dustin Anderson, Miami, Florida, USA
WU/MG Drop: Christopher Jones, Miami, Florida, USA

Name: Young1
ICQ: 611223467

Name: LiveDumps / Live Dumps
ICQ: 321543
Other: Has several 6 digit ICQ, US guy so speaks good english
LR Account: U7535942

Name: Lambo
ICQ: 562688866

ICQ: 499539072
Info: Many reports of ripping, avoid.


Name/E-Mail/Y!M: /
ICQ: 624558010

ICQ: 604716366
Other: Pretends to be verified seller on forum, but forum is fake, whole forum is RIPPER

Name: /
Info: Charge you $300 to join, min topup $200 and you been ripped for $500.

Name: DumpSellers / Dump Sellers
Other: Pretends to be Verified Seller, tries to charge you $500 to join forum, it does not exist!

Name/E-Mail/Y!M: cvvmasters / cvv-masters / cvv_masters

ICQ: 55456636





WU Info: Richard Obinna, 62 Catherine St, St. Albans, AL3 5BU, England
Info: Says does WU & Bank transfer, is sad ripper.

Name: Express_Service
ICQ: 554143381

Deers / Bad Buyers / Blackmailers

Name: Baby
ICQ: 584688477
Reason: Real bad attitude, swearing, tried to blackmail me for free, arsehole.

Name: MrCount (aka Badger / BadgerDirect trying to pretend to be buyer!)
ICQ: 602644752

Name: Temika King / Rose Mika
ICQ: 648535925

Name/Y!M/E-Mail: jackdrizzy51

Name: Pay/due/dumps
ICQ: 645311883
Info: Wants 10x free or threat to post ripper on forums and websites.

Name: Bunk Nown
ICQ: 629989249
Info: Underpaid, begged to send, then tried to rip by saying all stolen, I checked and all still good, stupid prick.

Name: Delisa Erewa
ICQ: 605818718
Info: Claims to be casher, known vietnam ripper in forums, avoid.

E-Mail/Y!M: nicki_nicki6
Info: Nigger ripper wanting free sample then starting insulting me.